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Dragon's Dogma

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Tadayoshi Makino, Inon Zur, Rei Kondoh, Chamy Ishi

Fecha de lanzamiento:

23 de Mayo de 2012

Publicado por:

Square Enix (distribuida por Sony Music Distribution)

Os presentamos la música que nos acompaña durante el juego.


Iremos enlazando los videos a medida que los vayamos subiendo, gracias por vuestra paciencia

Lista de canciones:Editar

Disco 1Editar

  1. Opening Movie
  2. Main Title
  3. Thing That Destroys Everything
  4. Three Heads ~Chimera Battle~
  5. Character Edit
  6. Forewarning of Destruction
  7. Heart
  8. Cassardis
  9. From a Different World
  10. Breathing Earth ~Gransys~
  11. Norma Battle
  12. Encampment
  13. One Eyed Giant ~Cyclops Battle
  14. 14 Mark of the Enlightened One
  15. Azure Limestone Cave
  16. Forest of the Cursed Master
  17. Tension Battle
  18. Witch Doctor of the Forest ~Selena~
  19. Elysion’s Warning
  20. Thing That Crawls at Dawn ~Hydra Battle~
  21. The Road Presenting the Fruits of Battle
  22. Men and Warriors District
  23. Gran Soren Metropolitan Area
  24. Everfall
  25. Temptation from the Abyss
  26. Wyrm Hunt Duty ~Maximilian~
  27. One Who Understands Dragons
  28. Hill Figure Shrine
  29. Disorienting Fortress
  30. Stolen Fortress
  31. Pagan Underground Graveyard
  32. A Curse Echoing in the Mausoleum
  33. Cave at the Farthest Reaches
  34. Imperial Command Duty ~Audience~
  35. Inside the Castle Town
  36. Love and Corruption ~Aelinore~
  37. Rendezvous’ Compensation
  38. Conviction and Dignity
  39. Disgrace
  40. Blade at the Throat
  41. Blue Moon Tower
  42. The Roar that Stabs Heaven ~Griffin Battle~
  43. To the End of a Life and Death Struggle

Tiempo total: 73'15"

Disco 2Editar

  1. Heavenly Earth ~Gransys~
  2. Hopeless Battle
  3. Quarry Ruins
  4. Strong Stone ~Golem Battle~
  5. The Water God’s Altar Ruins
  6. Darkening Metropolitan Area
  7. Breathing Spirit Gorge
  8. Jet Black Wings ~Cockatrice Battle~
  9. Dried Up Villa
  10. Helping Hand
  11. Farewell
  12. Chief Fortress
  13. Grotesque Magician ~Wight Battle~
  14. Hymn of Destruction
  15. Impure Mountain
  16. Choose
  17. Decision
  18. One Without Wings
  19. Throbbing
  20. Decisive Battle ~Dragon Battle~
  21. Collapse
  22. Existence
  23. False Triumphant Return
  24. Unusual Event
  25. Strange Beast of Holy Darkness
  26. Impulse ~Drake Battle~
  27. Sorrowful Melody
  28. Atonement
  29. Truth Exists in the Depth and the Heights
  30. Depths of the Underworld
  31. One Who Protects the Forest
  32. A Thing Clad in White Scales
  33. Dragon’s Beat
  34. Truth
  35. When You Make a Choice
  36. Public Peace
  37. Fate’s Choice
  38. Final Request
  39. World Without End
  40. Thoughts Continue
  41. Those Who Hand Down the Knowledge
  42. Eternal Return ~Dragon’s Dogma Main Theme~
  43. A Violet Light Shining in the Darkness

Tiempo total: 74'23"

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